QCWA Chapter 165

Club Call W3EDO - York, PA

Our Chapter 165 - Early History

From Ray Shaub;

This history is based on the recording secretaries minutes , however there were no minutes taken during the first three meetings. The history of these first meetings is taken from letters between Bill Boyer, Ted Heithecker (national general manager) and Leland Smith (national president) and my recollections.

The very first investigations into the forming of a QCWA chapter In York County began at the York Amateur Radio Club’s annual banquet held April 11, 1987. Bill Boyer W3AMQ and I, Ray Shaub W3AXC spoke to Hugh Turnbull W3ABC a member of QCWA about starting a local QCWA chapter. Hugh at that time was our Atlantic Division Director for the ARRL and guest speaker at the annual party. Hugh told us that all we had to do was to get 5 members together and form a chapter by applying to national QCWA headquarters.

Bill Boyer extended an invitation to QCWA president Leland Smith W5KL to attend the 32nd. York Hamfest on September 26, 27 1987. Mr. Smith accepted the invitation and contacted Glen Kurzenknabe K3SWZ, secretary of Chapter 37 in Harrisburg and asked him to contact QCWA headquarters for a shipment of a hamfest packet of membership materials. Also, he asked for the loan of their QCWA banner for display at the hamfest. With the endeavors of Mr. Smith and the QCWA members at large : Boyer, Shaub, and Moran, 9 new members were signed as potential chapter members.

In January of 1988 we sent out the word that a QCWA chapter was forming and we would meet at the Red Cross building to form the chapter. The founding chapter meeting was held on a cold evening on January 27, 1988 in the basement of the Red Cross building on South George Street.

The following 11 members attended that first meeting;

QCWA members at large. A petition for a local chapter was signed and sent to QCWA headquarters with the temporary name of York County PA Chapter and the following officers:

We received our charter as a chapter of QCWA on February 4, 1988. The meetings that were held the first year were important because we were forming the basis for our meetings, choosing a name for the chapter and deciding on a chapter constitution , how meetings would be held and when. Also the forming of a net to keep members informed of meeting etc.

At the first official meeting on February 27, 1988 the following 14 new members in addition to the original members were listed as charter members of the chapter bringing .the charter membership to 26

This meeting was held at the Bonanza Restaurant in The West Manchester mall. At this meeting we chose the name for our Chapter,  YORK COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER 165 QCWA, One other name had been proposed  First Capital City Chapter” On a vote of those present the former name won by one vote. At this meeting we also had donations of $50.00 from members to purchase a chapter banner. Bill Boyer W3AMQ made arrangements’ with a newspaper to have a reporter and cameraman at the meeting to make a report in the newspaper about the formation of a New radio club. The article and a picture appeared in the news.  The meetings of March, June, and September were held at the Bonanza Restaurant.

The following items were decided at those meetings.

  1. The chapter would use the by-laws suggested by national but the meetings and the business of the chapter would be as informal as possible.
  2. The meetings would be held on Saturdays at noon time due to the fact that some members were still working and some of the older members didn’t drive at night.
  3. We would meet just 4 times per year in March, June, September and December.
  4. We would plan a Ladies Night and Christmas dinner as the last meeting of the year
  5. The dues would be set at $5.00 per year and would be due at the December meeting.

The December 16th.meeting was held at Rutter’s Dairy banquet room. 40 members and guests attended. President Ray Shaub W3AXC presented 27 charter membership certificates to members and a 55 year certificate to Clyde Boring W3DJF. Bill Boyer read a letter from the national president Leland Smith W5KL congratulating us for our exciting growth from a new chapter to 30 members in the first year. On December 17th. The chapter took a trip to the Pennsylvania Museum in Harrisburg to see a major exhibit “Making Waves, Radio Communication in Pennsylvania 1900 - 1935. On display were early examples of radio transmitters and receivers in including a large display of Atwater Kent receivers made in Philadelphia.

By our first meeting of 1989 in March we had added 16 more members to the roster with the following:

* Members that are silent keys as of 2011

There were 22 members attending the March 1989 meeting. A vote was taken to increase the number of meetings from 4 to 6. The vote was 18 to keep the meeting as they were. Ed Kirby W3YQJ volunteered to serve as chairman of the membership committee. Harry Sieber NG3X offered to print out address labels. John Shaffer offered to serve on a committee for disposition of equipment of silent keys. The Chapter had decided to make this a project of the chapter. Elmer Hauer W3IXG volunteered to serve as treasurer and Bill Boyer W3AMQ volunteered to serve as secretary.  Award certificates were given to Albert Gibson W3ABN and John Munnell  W3HSR

Eighteen members attended the June meeting at the Bonanza Restaurant our treasury at that time was $200.00.  A new president nomination committee was formed with George Gable, W3EDO, Clyde Boring W3DJF , George Moran  W2DGZ, and Royal Gibson  W3LUD. The Silent Key equipment committee was formed with John Shaffer W3SST as chairman with members Richard Blom K3LNI, George Gable W3EDO and George Moran W2DGZ. A charter membership Certificate was presented to John Van Artsdalen  W3AXA.

The September 9th. Meeting was held at Wynn’s Homestead Restaurant in Weigelstown with 14 members attending. Elmer Hauer W3IXG reported a balance of $170.00 in the treasury and mentioned that dues for 1990 will be due in January. New officers elected were Dennis Cooper K3NVI for president and Raymond Shaub W3AXC vice president.  All other officers would remain the same. Frank Bair K3GDI showed a video recording that he made at the Keystone VHF Clubs corn roast on August 26th. The chapter members had been invited.

We wound up the 1989 year with our annual Christmas Party and ladies night at Rutters Family Restaurant. The attendance was 18 members, 19 ladies and 4 guests. Following the dinner a short business meeting was held. The outgoing president Raymond Shaub W3AXC thanked the members for their support during his two years as the first president and he presented the chapter’s charter to Dennis Cooper K3NVI as the new president in lieu of a gavel to transfer the leadership of the chapter. Dennis gave a short acceptance speech. Following the meeting John W3FLD and Bea Zett gave a talk on their 3 weeks in Charleston South Carolina with the Red Cross following the hurricane Hugo disaster.

Our first meeting of 1990 was held March 17 at Wynn’s Homestead Restaurant in Weigelstown. There were 12 members in attendance. At this meeting we decided to have a picnic for the June meeting. Frank Bair, K3GDI and Ed Kirby, W3YQJ were to find a location for the picnic. We also decided to move the location of the September meeting to East York since many of the members lived in that general direction. Following the business meeting President Dennis Cooper K3NBVI gave an interesting talk on transistors.

The June meeting became the annual picnic. We met in the White Oak Pavilion at John Rudy County Park. Frank Bair K3GDI prepared hot dogs and hamburgers for all . The members brought a covered dish. One new member was mentioned, Lester Shaffer  WA3ODU had joined the chapter. Clair ( Bob ) Holtzapple  W3QFM was present as the chapter’s guest. The next meeting was to be held in East York and Frank Bair K3GDI was to find a location.

After the business meeting the chapter toured the Rudy Park Observatory.  Kerry Smith, WB3CAL a member of the Astronomy Club, gave us a talk on Radio Astronomy and demonstrated the large reflector telescope that belonged to the astronomy club.

The September 1990 meeting was held at the Embers Restaurant in the York County Shopping center on September 15th with 16 members present. Prior to the business meeting members enjoyed John Shaffer’s Old Radio Text Book” and Bill Boyer’s scrap book with news items and photos relative the amateur radio. President Dennis Cooper read a letter from Fred Link stating he would not be able to attend this meeting as he would be in Florida. He also mentioned Bill Boyer had been named for consideration for a fellowship in The Radio Club of America in 1991. Dennis then gave a talk on Field Effect Transistors ( FET’s ) with hand-outs for the members.

December 22, 1990 was the date for our annual ladies night and Christmas party. The meeting was held at Rutters Dairy Family Restaurant there were 19 members and 15 ladies at the meeting. Several pictures were taken of the group. Dennis Cooper led the group in singing Christmas carols. Reservations were made for next year’s party to be held at the same place on December 14, 1991.

March 16, 1991 was the first meeting of the chapter at the Embers Restaurant in the York County shopping center. Fifteen members and one guest, Robert Riese K3DJC were present. Following the meeting Robert gave a presentation on the Atwater Kent Company in Philadelphia that started out making automotive ignition systems in 1902 but by 1923 they were building radio receivers. The company ceased operation in 1936

June 22, 1991 the second annual family picnic was held at the John Rudy County Park in the eastern hemlock pavilion. There were 12 members and 10 ladies present. Frank Bair prepared the hot dogs and hamburgers. The ladies brought a nice covered dish meal. Under new business the election of officers was discussed and the next meeting was announced to be held at the Embers.

October 5, 1991 The meeting was held at the Ember restaurant with 13 members present. Visitors were Harold Heywood N3IZD and David Barrows W8IJ president of chapter 37 from Harrisburg.

The election for 1992 officers was held with the following elected:

President,  John Shaffer W3SST

Vice President, Raymond Shaub  W3AXC

Secretary,  William Boyer  W3AMQ

Treasurer, Elmer Hauer  W3IXG

Following the meeting Dennis Cooper gave a presentation “ Graphical Solutions to Solving Complex Numbers”

Sometime after the December 1991 meeting Ed Kirby W3YQJ assumed the duties of secretary and continued the recording of the minutes in a loose leaf binder which has been lost.  The next recorded minutes of meetings appears to be December 1996.


The National Association History

It all began during a 10-meter round table one Friday night in November, 1947. Six of the members decided they should form an organization of Amateur Radio operators who have been licensed for more than 25 years.

The initial organizational meeting was held December 5,1947 in a restaurant in midtown New York City. Thirty-four old-timers attended. John DiBlasi-W2FX, was elected President; George Droste-W2IN, Vice-president; Leon Hansen-W2FIT, Secretary, and David Talley-W2PF, Treasurer. Frank Lester-W2AMJ (W4AMJ) proposed the name of the organization. The logo was developed from a cartoon in a 1923 QST accompanying an article "ROTTEN QRM," written by "The Old Man" himself, Hiram Percy Maxim. Otto Eppers-W2EA, a commercial artist, made some minor modifications to the drawing, added some sparks and the letters "QCWA," and the QCWA logo was born.

Membership grew rapidly within the first month and when the rolls were closed on December 31 1947, there were 54 Charter Members.

Our last Charter Member to become a Silent Key was Ralph Hasslinger, W2CVF on March 27, 2008. We are using the original call signs our members held in 1947.

In January 1951, a group in Cleveland, Ohio petitioned to become a chapter of QCWA and in June 1954, Chicago area became the second chapter. From there on, chapters began springing up all over the country. It was not until 1966, however, that the by-laws were changed to permit officers and directors of the national organization to be elected from outside the New York Metropolitan area.

In spite of the great increase in QCWA membership throughout the years, the number of directors remained at five from 1947 until 1983. At that time the constitution was amended to provide for an additional five directors. Efforts were made to obtain candidates from each of the U.S. call sign areas and from Canada and overseas. The following election resulted in selection of members from eight U.S. call areas and a VE and DL to serve on the Board of Directors.

By mid-1984, total memberships issued were approaching 18,000 and there were over 150 chapters throughout the world. By mid-1993 the total membership had reached well over 25,000, there were over 10,000 active members and 187 local Chapters. As the membership has grown, more activities have been added. There is a good turnout at the weekly international nets and on numerous local nets. CW and SSB QSO Parties attract many participants every Spring and Fall and there is always a good attendance at the Annual Meeting and Convention each Fall. A number of attractive certificates and honor awards are offered to recognize operating accomplishments and leadership contributions to QCWA. The QCWA Journal is published four times a year and the Hot Line Report is available every few months. QCWA is an organization made up of many of the world's most experienced Amateurs. It has a proud history and great potential for the future, making use of the reservoir of knowledge and experience represented within the membership for the benefit of all Radio Amateurs.

More Information is available at the QCWA website.

Thanks to the QCWA Association for the above information